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Resources for Web Hosting

A web host is a company which allows you to rent space on their specially configured computers. Your web pages are placed on these computers, in order to make them visible by people browsing the web.

If you have a good quality Internet connection, it is also possible to run a web server on your own computer(s). Your computer will of course need to be running all the time.

Here are some web hosting resources:
    This is a searchable directory of web hosting services.

    Another directory of web hosts. Provides a list of hosting companies arranged by the facilities/features that each provides.

  • Web Server Software
    Here's a collection of web hosting software, which might be helpful if you want to set up your own web server.

  • Linux Web Server Software
    Here's another collection of web hosting software. The programs on this page run under the Linux operating system.


Here are some books from Amazon:

Disclosure: Products details and descriptions provided by Our company may receive a payment if you purchase products from them after following a link from this website.

Web Hosting For Dummies

By Peter Pollock

For Dummies
Paperback (360 pages)

Web Hosting For Dummies
List Price: $24.99*
Lowest New Price: $14.01*
Lowest Used Price: $5.49*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 08:35 Pacific 16 Jun 2019 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:

Host your own website or blog with this unique guide

If you'd like to make the leap from a hosted environment to a self-hosted service, this book is for you. You may be making the move from casual blogging to professional blogging. Or, you might already be self-hosting, but want a good guide to show you how to get more out of your plan. In simple, easy-to-understand language, this helpful book breaks down all the functions of web hosting for self-hosted users, from setting up new e-mail accounts to backing up and securing your site, analyzing server logs, choosing a platform to install, and more.

  • Breaks down the functions of web hosting for new self-hosters, including casual bloggers who may be moving into professional blogging
  • Helps those who are already self-hosting maximize the services they are paying for
  • Offers a one-stop, complete resource on web hosting, rather than just a few chapters, as in many blogging books
  • Covers setting up and using e-mail accounts, working with FTP clients, backing up and securing sites, using cloud services, understanding domains and DNS, using built-in databases, and more

Web Hosting For Dummies helps you take charge of your own web hosting and having fun in the process!

Getting Started with AWS: Hosting a Web Application

By Amazon Web Services

Released: 2012-03-29
Kindle Edition (61 pages)

Getting Started with AWS: Hosting a Web Application
Product Description:
Hosting a web application on Linux servers can be complex and expensive, especially if traffic is growing rapidly or fluctuating significantly. This guide shows how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a scalable web application that can handle sophisticated demands and workloads. It includes an example architecture of a web application hosted on AWS, and it walks you through a process, using best practices, for deploying a sample application that uses several key AWS services. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at

Getting Started Guide: AWS Static Website Hosting

By Amazon Web Services

Released: 2012-03-29
Kindle Edition (56 pages)

Getting Started Guide: AWS Static Website Hosting
Product Description:
If you have a website that delivers static content, such as product catalogs, images, or user manuals, deploying it in the cloud can make managing traffic much simpler. This guide shows you how to host your site with Amazon Web Services by using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store your content, Amazon CloudFront to serve it up, and Amazon Route 53 to use your own domain name to route users to your site. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, but it has been replaced with the content in the "Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Developer Guide" book at or online in HTML or PDF format at

Website Hosting and Migration with Amazon Web Services: A Practical Guide to Moving Your Website to AWS

By Jason Nadon

Released: 2017-05-08
Kindle Edition (257 pages)

Website Hosting and Migration with Amazon Web Services: A Practical Guide to Moving Your Website to AWS
Product Description:

Understand the steps necessary to host your website using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. You will be able to set up your website for the first time or migrate your existing website.

Explore scenarios, considerations, and steps for three types of websites, including hosting a static website, a content management system (CMS) based website, and a full-featured enterprise level website. Topic areas such as content storage in S3, compute resources in EC2, Route53 DNS Management, email services setup using Simple Email Service as well as strategies for high availability, fault tolerance, and website maintenance are covered.

Website Hosting and Migration with Amazon Web Services is organized in a way that allows you to start with simple concepts using AWS core services that allow you to build knowledge and confidence using AWS services while exploring the latest technology on this ever-updating platform. Using AWS to host your website offers you more control over your infrastructure, content delivery, and ability to scale to fit your website needs. It’s time to take control and take your website to the next level. This engaging resource:

  • Explains how to use the Amazon Web Services Free Tier to evaluate the platform for hosting your website
  • Walks you through the setup and migration steps for three unique and popular web hosting scenarios
  • Delivers hands-on experience with base concepts that can be built upon to grow and improve your website infrastructure
  • Provides sample resources to test and understand the setup process fully
What You'll Learn

  • Evaluate Amazon Web Services (AWS) offered on the platform that may benefit your website
  • Set up and maintain three unique types of websites using AWS core services, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of what is capable for your website or future projects
  • Select AWS services that can improve performance and control of your website
  • Use AWS RDS to deliver a redundant database solution for your website
  • Manage DNS, domain registration, and transfers in AWS
  • Use CloudFront to deliver content efficiently on a global scale
  • Who This Book Is For

    Small business owners, webmasters, freelance web designers, and others looking to have more control over their web content, save money by using a platform that charges for just the services you use, or grow the stability of their website by making it highly available, fault tolerant, and easily deployed; those looking to learn more about AWS Web Hosting options in general.

Creating a Website: The Missing Manual

By Matthew MacDonald

O'Reilly Media
Paperback (584 pages)

Creating a Website: The Missing Manual
List Price: $29.99*
Lowest New Price: $2.50*
Lowest Used Price: $1.45*
*(As of 08:35 Pacific 16 Jun 2019 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:

Think you need an army of skilled programmers to build a website? Think again. With nothing more than an ordinary PC, some raw ambition, and this book, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a professional-looking, visitor-friendly site. This Missing Manual gives you all the tools, techniques, and expert advice you need.

  • Plan your site. Create web pages by learning the basics of HTML and HTML5.
  • Control page design with CSS. Format text, images, links, tables, and other elements.
  • Attract visitors. Ensure that people can find your site through popular search engines.
  • Build a community. Add forums, fresh content, and a feedback form to encourage repeat visits.
  • Get smart. Use free tools to identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create your own blog. Post your musings with a free blog-hosting service.
  • Bring in cash. Host Google ads, sell Amazon’s wares, or push your own products.
  • Add pizzazz. Include audio, video, interactive menus, and more.

Before You Start Your Own Web Hosting Business: Learn The Basic Steps For Starting A Web Hosting Business With Details On Business Registration & Choosing ... Reputable & Profitable Web Hosting Company

By Gary V. Jonas

Released: 2011-01-04
Kindle Edition (42 pages)

Before You Start Your Own Web Hosting Business: Learn The Basic Steps For Starting A Web Hosting Business With Details On Business Registration & Choosing ... Reputable & Profitable Web Hosting Company
Product Description:
A web hosting business is like providing housing for websites in the internet 24/7.

As web host you are the landlord to a number of websites and will be responsible for providing the address, internet access, customer support, technical support, file storage space and many other hosting services which individuals and small or big businesses will need in order to keep their website operational.

Starting your own web hosting business is certainly no small matter. Do you have what it takes to start and run a web hosting company successfully? Here is a list of points for consideration:

1.Do you have the solid know-how, both the knowledge and expertise, for computer technology?
2.Are you capable of providing round-the-clock client support which can concern sales queries, technical troubleshooting or service complaints?
3.Do you have thorough knowledge and a good understanding of the latest software and platforms in order to keep up with advancements in technology?
4.Do you have more than enough money to put into this venture taking into account that this is a major financial investment?

Use the information in this book to help give you a solid background for starting your own web hosting business.

AWS: Amazon Web Services Tutorial The Ultimate Beginners Guide

By Dennis Hutten

Released: 2017-08-29
Kindle Edition (187 pages)

AWS: Amazon Web Services Tutorial The Ultimate Beginners Guide
Product Description:
Αmαzon Web Services (ΑWS) is Αmαzon’s cloud web hosting plαtform thαt offers flexible, reliαble, scαlαble, eαsy-to-use, αnd cost-effective solutions. This tutoriαl covers vαrious importαnt topics illustrαting how ΑWS works αnd how it is beneficiαl to run your website on Αmαzon Web Services.

This Book was prepαred for beginners who wαnt to leαrn how Αmαzon Web Services works to provide reliαble, flexible, αnd cost-effective cloud computing services.

Web Hosting Guide for Beginners (J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club)

By J. D. Rockefeller

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (26 pages)

Web Hosting Guide for Beginners (J.D. Rockefeller s Book Club)
List Price: $5.38*
Lowest New Price: $5.38*
Lowest Used Price: $6.85*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 08:35 Pacific 16 Jun 2019 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or a web development agency, picking the right web hosting service will be a key to your success in the business. This will be especially important if you are using the internet to sell your services or products. However, picking a web hosting service is a difficult decision. You don’t know which is the best web hosting service for your particular use. You are not sure what features you should be looking for. In short, you will probably choose whatever service comes along first and later regret having made the wrong choice. This guide is intended to help you make an informed decision and pick the right web hosting service for yourself. By the time you are finished reading this book, you will know what you should be looking for in order to make the right decision for your business.

Web Hosting on AWS: A Step by Step Guide

By Meg Brown

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (164 pages)

Web Hosting on AWS: A Step by Step Guide
List Price: $12.99*
Lowest New Price: $12.82*
Lowest Used Price: $797.99*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 08:35 Pacific 16 Jun 2019 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:

This book was written to achieve a single goal: to get you started. By the end of this book, you will be able to host websites on a web server that you built using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Who this book is for

This book is for those who would like to know more about web hosting on AWS, but are not sure where to start.

Aimed at absolute beginners, this book does not expect you to have prior experience in managing a virtual server. Some knowledge on how websites work is expected, but considering you probably will not be looking into books on web hosting if you do not have at least one website of your own, this should not be a problem.

With more than one hundred screenshots and illustrations, this book will guide you in building a web server for hosting your sites in a step by step fashion. The lessons are explained by examples. As you progress from one chapter to the next you will be adding more and more components until you end up with a fully functioning web server.

Why this book is not for everybody

This is not a reference book. This book avoids using technical terms as much as possible in order to keep absolute beginners engaged. It is true that technical terms are often inevitable (we are addressing a technical subject after all), but a lot of effort has been put in to simplify them. In short, if you expect a highly technical book, this is not it.

All information covered in this book can be found online. AWS has extensive documentation and tutorials available for free. Before you buy this book, make sure you read the AWS online documentation first. If you can manage to go on by using the information available there, you do not need this book.

This book provides a fair amount of hand-holding. It is organized in a step by step fashion, chapter by chapter. That means in most parts, the latter chapters are built upon what were done in the preceding chapters. This is great for those who like to go step by step, but not desirable to some who prefer to skip some chapters and read only the parts that they need.

What you will learn from this book

The lessons start with how to launch a server in AWS and how to install Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin, which is a setup commonly offered by commercial web hosting providers. They are covered from Chapter 2 to Chapter 7. By the end of Chapter 7, your web server is up and ready to go.

Hosting websites involves dealing with domain names. Chapter 8 will show you how to link your domain name to your server. The lesson continues to Chapter 9, where you will find out how to host multiple sites, each with their own domain names, and to Chapter 10 where you will learn how to create a subdomain within a website. By the end of Chapter 10, your web server will be hosting your sites and you will be able to visit them by using your domain names.

The next step would be to upload the websites’ files from your computer to your web server. This is covered in Chapter 11, where you will learn how to use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

By having your own web server, you are of course free to give other users access to your server. Chapter 12 will show you how to create user IDs for other users to log in securely. It will also show you how to limit your users’ access, to ensure they can only access the part that you allow them to.

Web hosting would be incomplete without the ability to host blogs. Chapter 13 will show you how to implement one of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress.

The remaining chapters are dedicated to maintaining your server, such as managing log files, utilizing a job scheduler called Cron, and implementing updates and installing additional software.

WordPress Web Hosting: How To Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center (Read2Learn Guide)

By Kent Mauresmo
Released: 2014-02-18
Kindle Edition (136 pages)

WordPress Web Hosting: How To Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center (Read2Learn Guide)
Product Description:
"Best WordPress Hosting Guide"

Discover How to Easily Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center with Our Simple Step-By-Step Guide!

-Do you need a simple training guide? This guide is simple.
-Are you short on time? This book is fast paced and easy to read!
-Do you learn better with pictures? This book is FULL of pictures.
-Invest a few tax-deductible dollars in this easy-to-read eBook now!

You need help with WordPress Web Hosting, and you need an easy step-by-step guide. This book will help you learn everything you need to know about WordPress Web hosting.

We'll teach you how to easily use cPanel and your hosting control center to improve your website and your business.

Once you know the secrets, you'll laugh at how easy this is. This eBook is filled with images showing you how to effectively use cPanel and your web hosting control center. You’ll also discover how to use add-on features that will save you time and money.

You'll discover:

-How to use cPanel
-What a Hosting Control Center (HCC) is
-The difference between Shared, VPS, and Dedicated WordPress Hosting
-How to choose the best WordPress hosting provider for your business
-How to create and manage professional webmail accounts (email)
-How to manage WordPress files
-How to create FTP accounts
-How to use 3rd party FTP clients to upload and download files (Filezilla)
-How to track your website visitors with cPanel
-How to use cPanel to improve your websites security
-What databases are used for
-How to use sub-domains
-How to use add-on domains
-What parked domains are used for
-How to back up your website
-How to easily navigate cPanel
-Which promotional upgrades you should purchase
-Which promotional upgrades you should avoid

You'll Also Learn:

-How disk space is used and measured
-How bandwidth is used
-What MySQL databases are, and why you need them
-What to look for in regards to web hosting support
-How to get free domain names
-How to use referral programs to get free web hosting
-What to look for in regards to web hosting policies and money back guarantees
-Which web hosts offer unlimited disk space
-Which web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth
-Which web hosts offer unlimited databases
-How to host unlimited WordPress websites on a single hosting a lot more!

This book is designed for complete beginners! You will save countless hours and frustration by purchasing this book.

Follow this fast paced step-by-step guide. When you finish reading this book, you'll know all the secrets about

WordPress hosting. If you're new to Web Hosting and cPanel; then this is the only user guide you'll ever need.

Scroll up and purchase this Book now! Email me along the way if you need help.

-Kent Mauresmo & Matthew Pitt

P.S. This Kindle eBook includes a link to download the PDF version for FREE.

Page Count: 124 Pages (Word Doc/PDF Doc)
Word Count: 28,564
Image Count: Over 100 images to help you along the way.



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